If you want your drink to have a little more substance, we’ve got the glassware you need.  For $2 per person, we’ll bring our rocks, stemless wine and beer glasses.

If you really want to dress things up, we also have a great collection of eclectic, vintage and decorative glassware for specialty drinks.  Please inquire with us for pricing, availability and options.

Have a seat.

Great cocktails demand a great lounge.  We’ve partnered with Fancy Fray to provide you with vintage and mid-century seating vignettes, whisky barrels, and farm tables.  So your guests can have a great place to sit… or stand… with a drink in their hand.

Bars to go.

We’ve got a guy.  He made our tables and built a wall for us.  And now he’s building our bars.  Coming soon.

Wanna Drink?